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Lazy Day

Let’s just start off by saying that I did not sleep well last night. Which basically means I felt entirely too lazy today. But what’s life without a lazy day now and again (or as often as you can get it)?

My lovely day started off with my usual lovely breakfast…

Wake up!

… of Greek yogurt, Diet Coke, and a banana. Does anyone want to help me break my (terrible) habit of 2+ Diet Cokes daily? … Bueller?

After that, I headed off to yoga. I was a wimp and didn’t drive there… or back. I was tired and crabby and it had been a week since I last drove. Oops.

There were a lot of people at yoga today. New Year’s resolutions in full force, I expect. And I have to say, my legs were sore afterwards. Really sore. I should probably work out more often…. something I notice every time I work out… 😉

When we got home, I walked up the stairs and collapsed into bed. I was seriously exhausted. When I woke up, my parents and Pippa were taking a walk, and it was time for my lunch!

I was (not surprisingly) craving veggies. Desperately.


Big bowl, big flavor, big nutrition!

… the giant weekend salad! In the dish:

  • 2.75 c. baby spinach
  • 1 oz. baby carrots
  • 1 oz. cherry tomatoes
  • 25 g. Baby Bella mushrooms
  • 100 g. chopped cucumbers
  • 2 slices of the Braeburn apple I had on the side
  • 1 T. Kraft Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette

And my full lunch looked something like this:

Happy lunch

I ate a 100% whole wheat Bagel Thin and the rest of that apple on the side! Tasty stuff.

Dad and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and to give me a chance to drive this afternoon. In-town driving is just so much fun. No, it’s actually not that bad at all. Just a lot of construction around here. Like Daddy said, “When you’ve graduated college, gotten married, and had a few kids, all of the construction should be finished.”

Basically, it’ll be a while. 🙂

When we got home, I was quite hungry. Probably the lack of protein in my lunch. So, I satisfied my hunger with Fiber One cereal and a new flavor of Greek yogurt!

Times 2!

New flavor? Whaaaa?

While we were at Kroger, we decided to pick up a few extra cups of Greek yogurt to hold me over for a few more days. I had my usual vanilla and honey flavors in hand when I noticed this stuff. Cranberry-fig Greek yogurt? Hm, I’ll try that. Oh, look! There’s also black cherry and strawberry-mint… Why not one of each?

And after I finished talking to myself, I picked those up in addition to my standbys.

I didn’t really think the cranberry-fig was too different than strawberry. Maybe I’m a freak. It was a little tangier, and maybe a little more exotic (not that that can be defined/measured), but not too different.

I got sidetracked by hockey and football during my snack. I had intended to start my newspaper layout for February. That didn’t happen. Instead, dinner happened!

In the form of tacos!

Twice as nice 🙂

I had two Chi-Chi’s taco-size flour tortillas, topped with taco-seasoned ground beef, a few tablespoons of Mexican cheese, a few tablespoons of chopped white onion, some sliced cherry tomatoes, some shredded spinach, and two large spoonfuls of medium Wholly Salsa. Delicioso.

After dinner, I got serious and started my layout. Hmmm I could be in trouble this month. There’s a little too much white space… like, a quarter of a page too much. Ah, this happens every month. It’ll be fine. Right???


After finishing the one real school thing I have to do this weekend, it was time to catch up on Parenthood. I love this show. It is hilarious and adorable. And my parents like it, so we watch together.

During the shows, I had a mini-feast. Or a big snack. Either way. 😉

So much goodness

On the menu:

  • a Jell-O Chocolate-Vanilla Swirls pudding cup
  • 2 t. unsweetened cocoa powder (to make the pudding taste less sweet)
  • 2 clementines
  • 1 large Braeburn apple
  • 2 T. peanut butter
  • Clif Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo bar

And it was all delicious. The perfect combinations of creamy, crunchy, sweet, salty, and slightly-tart. Great snack!

Now, it’s time for some serious sleep. Good night!


Not So Productive…

It’s break-from-school syndrome – I can’t accomplish anything. Today, I sat down to write a paper for an online class I’m trying to finish and got, oh, nowhere. No, I do have an outline done! But that’s the easy part. And then I tried to make more progress in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I’m tired, so I kept zoning out. That’s okay; I’ll go see the movie with my mom next week after the Christmas craziness dies down a little instead of seeing it Wednesday with my mom and my uncle. Not a big deal. Just gotta remember that! 🙂

Breakfast was the usual – Kroger Honey Greek yogurt, Diet Coke, and a banana.

The lineup!

And it was followed by the usual Fiber One cereal…

Same old, same old

… and a mini Kit-Kat bar from a giant bag my Secret Santa got me.

Crispy, crunchy, chocolaty goodness

I cranked out the outline of my paper between my snack and lunch. And reorganized my notes. Lunch was good, though, even if my achievement wasn’t great.

Yummy stuff

I had 2 clementines (the slices are piled on top of each other… oops!), about 4 ounces of baby carrots, and an open-faced sandwich with leftover Sloppy Italian filling (ground beef sauteed with onions, ketchup, and Sloppy Joe seasoning), the other half of a whole-wheat Sandwich Thin my mom had the other night, and a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese. It was quite the tasty lunch!

I tried to get back to work after lunch and succeeded only in writing the first paragraph of my essay. Woo-hoo! Then, I had another bowl of Fiber One and a banana before heading off to get a massage.


When I got back from the massage, I started making the marinade for the steak we had tonight. Then, I laid down for about an hour to read, while snacking on some animal crackers.

Juvenile? Perhaps. Delicious? Definitely.

I love animal crackers. Correction: I love Barnum’s animal crackers. They are the lightest, the crispiest, the best. After my hour was up, I went to go work out. When I got done showering, dinner was served.

Teriyaki steak, another Six Ingredients or Less recipe, was on the menu – and it was  really good, despite being a little heavy on the soy sauce. We served it alongside steamed broccoli seasoned with a little lemon pepper.

Broccoli + steak

I knew productivity wasn’t in the cards for tonight, so I just relaxed with my family. And snacked.

On my plate tonight:


A Braeburn apple and 2 slices of whole wheat toast spread with Parkay. It was odd – I took a bite of cookie dough ice cream and realized that I  wasn’t in the mood for anything too sweet. How strange. So, I went for slightly sweet and slightly salty (and very bread-y). Totally hit the spot.

And now I’m off to bed. Driver’s ed tomorrow – wouldn’t want to fall asleep! 😉

She’s Baaaaa-ack

After a week of finals, I’m done with school for two weeks. Which means……

… I’m back to blogging! Ah, well, it’s a happy thought for me. 🙂

And, in true me style, I had my favorite breakfast in the entire world.

Oldie, but goodie (not the picture, I must say...)

I planned to be incredibly productive this morning. And when I woke up (later than I expected), that was still the plan. And then breakfast and relaxation happened. So, I’ve basically done nothing. That feels really good after my week, but it also feels bad. I have things to do, and I want to be a vegetable. Hmmmm. Maybe for one more day?

This week, I did have finals, including a paper, an in-class paper, three exams, and a scrapbook. But I also hosted a surprise 16th birthday party for one of my friends and a Secret Santa gift exchange after the last exams of the week. That was so much fun and she was truly surprised. After a few hours at my house, we shipped all of her presents home with her in her sister’s trunk, which we successfully filled. Every single one of us needed that day after all of the stress that has taken over the last four months. I adore my friends.

And most of my food hasn’t been too exciting (and I’ve rushed through a lot of it), so my week off blogging wasn’t the week I tried ten different incredible dishes. However, if you ever get a chance, Velvet’s Max & Erma’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream = AMAZING. I love cookie dough. Cookie dough ice cream is good, but i like a lot of other ice creams better. THIS was awesome.  🙂 Try it!

Between breakfast and lunch I had Fiber One and a Hershey’s Mini Special Dark Chocolate Bar.

Fiber One for me!

And chocolate 😀

Lunch today came pretty late, because my stomach has been seriously upset lately. But it did come, and it was delicious, if quite light.

Breakfast-y lunch

I munched on Kroger Honey Greek yogurt with a 100% Whole Wheat Bagel Thin and a Braeburn apple for lunch. It was followed by another bowl of Fiber One while I helped my dad unpack groceries.

My uncle’s coming over for dinner tonight and it’s the Survivor season finale. Most people on this season really annoy me, so I’m not sure I actually want a specific person to win, but it’s always fun to see how it shakes out.

Now I’m off to do some reading. I’m trying to get through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo before Wednesday/Thursday, so I can see the movie with my mom and uncle.

Great Day, Great Food, Great Life

^^^^^^ Optimistic title much? Yes, please. Today was really an awesome day. I got a bunch of grades back in about 4 classes, and they were all really good. Is it sad that that can make my day? Maybe. But it definitely can.

Before I got to school, though, I had….

Typically lovely

… a large banana, a Diet Coke, and a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt. Yum. And then I had Fiber One. Of course.


While I was packing lunch, I stole a Rolo from the 5 lb. bag of candy that I bought a month ago for a party – and am still nibbling away at. <– Bad sentence. Oh, well.

Start the day off right! (With a chocolate-caramel delight)

Speaking of lunch (about five minutes ago), I had a peanut butter bagelwich and 2 clementines. Good stuff. (You can’t go wrong, I promise.)

Take a bite 🙂

I can’t make any sort of sandwich/toast without first tearing off a little bite of bread. I like carbs (how can you not?). The sandwich didn’t travel to school like that, but you couldn’t see the peanut butter with it being fully assembled, and I just couldn’t have that, now could I?

During school, I had 2 squares of Hershey Bliss chocolate and a small handful of my friend’s Skittles. I ♥ candy, if you couldn’t tell.

My mom and I made a quick detour to the mall right after school to pick up a few things from Macy’s and, since we knew we would be on our own for dinner (my daddy had plans), we headed straight to Max & Erma’s afterward.

It was pretty dark there, so it wasn’t a prime picture-taking place. And, let’s be honest, I was talking a mile a minute to my mother about 15 different things, so pictures weren’t the first thing on my mind. Again, still trying to make this a habit. 🙂

I had a cup of their delicious, cheesy, slightly spicy Tortilla Soup, most of an order of fries with a little ketchup, and one of their gooey, buttery, incredible chocolate chip cookies. And a few bites of my mom’s Horseradish Sliders (topped with onion rings!). Great. It had been far too long since I had been to Max & Erma’s and I enjoyed every bite of it.

We got home and talked to my dad for a little bit before he left for his dinner + card game, and then got to work. Or I tried to get to work. Pippa wanted to stop me.

My dog didn't eat my homework. She did sit on it.

I was trying to cut out my articles from the school newspaper for the scrapbook that is our midterm. Pippa had other plans for my papers. 🙂 Love her!

While I waited for her to get tired of that spot, I had another bowl of Fiber One.

Eventually, she did move, so I cut out the articles and layouts from the November and December issues. I took a break after that. So. Exhausting. Kidding! During said break, I had…

An old standby

… a Braeburn apple and a cup of honey Greek yogurt. It sure satisfied. Or not. Because I soon followed it with…


… A mini Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate bar and a few Peanut M&Ms. Those are addictive. More will be happening tonight, even if they don’t make an appearance here first. And. That. Is. A. Promise. <– That was from Matilda, the movie version. I watched it way too many times as a little kid.

Now, I’m off to cut out the October issue and maybe start on a few scrapbook pages. I have quite the busy weekend! More on that – tomorrow!

Good night!


Barilla and a Blizzard

Yesterday was really quite good; I just had a little studying to do when I got home. So, I put it all off, like a good high-schooler… 😀

My lunch was rather… orange.

Told ya!

It was pretty small, but I wasn’t overly hungry. I had a handful of baby carrots, 2 clementines, and a pack of Nature Valley Peanut Butter Crunchy Granola Bars. It was quickly tossed together, but it held me over for a while. The orange theme was completely unintentional!

I had no after-school obligations, which felt really good. I came home and relaxed with Pippa and my mom for a few hours and eventually was hungry enough for a snack of…

Cereal ♥

Fiber One and…

Creamy 🙂 So lovely!

Strawberry Greek yogurt! This was a delicious precursor to my dinner and, since it was packed with protein, was a good choice. (Dinner was carb-heavy. And heavenly.)

I began studying for my chemistry exam next week before my dad got home from work. While we discussed our days when he did arrive, I started prepping the pasta.

Big ol' bowl of bread & pasta

Spaghetti! We made Barilla Thin Spaghetti with Prego Roasted Garlic & Herb sauce. I topped mine with shredded Parmesan cheese and had a slice of Cole’s Garlic Mini-Toast. It was all very tasty. It had been way too long since I last had spaghetti (I should do that more often).

After dinner, I wanted some sweetness to balance the savory meal, so I had…

Sweet stuff

a few mini bars of Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate.

I restarted studying – this time for pre-calc – and was done with my review for the test just in time to watch Survivor. I love that show. It is the one reality show I can stand. I love Probst and I like that all the competitors have their own crazy personalities. I like it. Anyhow, my sweet/chocolate tooth apparently wasn’t satisfied by my after-dinner chocolate. (Shocker. Not.)

So, I treated my parents to Dairy Queen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards (they share one).

There are no words.

So good. So good. (The picture, not so much....)

I adore Blizzards. I have too many of them, probably at least once a week. I only get Reese’s Cup ones and our Dairy Queen location always puts peanut butter in them (apparently, most places just do ice cream and Reese’s Cups). They are pure, chocolaty, peanut-buttery, creamy goodness. It was incredible and I basically never wanted it to end.

And now I’ll catch up (on today’s post). This getting-behind thing might happen sometimes. Sorry!

Late Start, Late Sleep

My school has a 2-hour late start today – and I actually used those 2 hours for sleep. I don’t sleep in. It doesn’t happen. But it did. It’s nice to have gotten some sleep in the week before semester exams (that doesn’t happen either).

The unfortunate thing about 2-hour delays is that nobody gets anything accomplished because all of our classes are about 30 minutes long. Given that, we should probably just have the whole day off (and who wouldn’t love that?).

Breakfast was the same as yesterday.

I'm a little bit boring.

And it was followed eventually by…

... Fiber One.

Now, why I eat the same breakfast just about every single day.

I have some strange stomach issues, namely constipation. Yeah, that’s lovely. Sure you wanted to hear it. Sorry. It’s an ongoing problem, but I feel that it gets worse when I start my day with anything else – eggs, oatmeal, cereal, bagels, smoothies, etc. So, I eat the same thing every day. That’s also why I eat so much fiber and Fiber One. I would love to train my stomach to be happier with a wider variety of morning meals (I might make that effort over winter break). However, I certainly am not going to force it.

Also, if my intake appears to be decreasing slightly, it’s safe to assume that I’m just particularly constipated and it’s harder to fit more food in my overcrowded, tiny tummy.

And there you have it!

Have a good day!

A Little Relaxation

Today hasn’t been nearly as bad or stressful as I expected. I really like those days. I started it with a usual breakfast of honey Greek yogurt, Diet Coke, and a banana.


I snacked on this stuff….

Fiber + Flavor 🙂

And in my 5th period class, our teacher had a bunch of candy, so I had an unpictured Rolo and three Tootsie Rolls.

Anyhow, my tests today weren’t too bad. I just had to work really quickly on my chemistry test and made a pretty stupid mistake on my pre-calc quiz (I think). That’s okay, I have a top grade in that class (or at least last time I checked). I’m okay with that.

Lunch today was hastily thrown together, as I was running late this morning.

Hasty, but tasty!

I had a Braeburn apple, a Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna Peel & Eat Cup, a Thomas’ 100% Whole Wheat Bagel Thin, and a tablespoon or so of Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus.

I got home after a few clubs today and snacked on more of the above. No need for a picture, I assume? I think we all know what Fiber One looks like. It’s an addiction. A very strange addiction.

I actually had time to fit in a workout today, so that was very nice. When I was done and had showered, dinner was ready!

Divine. Just divine.

We had slow-cooked pork roast with a really good rub (Apple Horseradish) from Heartland Herbs, steamed broccoli with a little unsalted butter melted over it, and Parmesan-roasted red potatoes, with some Panko crumbs, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, and (of course) Parmesan cheese. I’m planning to start a “Recipes” page, and these potatoes will be on it in one way or another. I like some mashed potatoes, French fries, and these, as far as potatoes go. They’re pretty much that good.

My snack tonight came a little later than usual, but it was quite delicious.

Lotsa chocolate

I ha a Jell-O vanilla pudding cup mixed with about a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, a packet of Nature Valley Oats & Dark Chocolate Crunchy granola bars, and most of a Braeburn apple (a few of the apple slices were totally bruised through 😦 ).

Now, we’re watching Glee, even though it’s been a little more disappointing lately. I have a late start at school tomorrow, so I can afford to stay up a little bit later. Maybe I’ll even watch Parenthood tonight instead of later in the week. What a concept.

I’m going to have a mini Reese’s cup now. Here it is:

And here it is!

Good night!


Long, late day

Yesterday was the first day at school after a pretty relaxing weekend. I should have known the relaxation would end, especially since everyone is trying to cram all our assignments in before exams next week. It was a long day. I’m 99.99% sure the week will actually never end.

Breakfast, however, ended too early. As always.

Good stuff

And it was followed by the typical dose of Fiber One…

Love this stuff. If you couldn't tell.

My morning was full of assignments and studying. Two tests, at least one quiz, a presentation, a scrapbook, and two essays. And a bunch of newspaper articles to edit (at least those are fun).

We had distribution day and a party on the school newspaper. It was a smaller party since we were all working, but Jet’s pizza was involved!

Thick and cheesy

That wasn’t quite enough for me, so I had two clementines as well.

Citrus for me!

I got out of school early for a physical therapy appointment (I love massages). Afterwards, I had a completely delicious Asiago cheese bagel from Panera.

Cheesy, carb-y, blurry, goodness (This was in the car, so I may have eaten the other half before actually remembering the picture element of things...)

After studying for my chemistry test tomorrow, I had a nice leftover dinner salad.

So many flavors, so little time

In the mix:

  • Baby spinach
  • Baby carrots
  • A few slices of chopped-up Braeburn apple (the rest is pictured on the plate)
  • Shredded Swiss cheese
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Kraft Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette

And Pippa may have been staring reproachfully at me while I was eating. When I was finished, I was pretty sure she deserved some chicken, so I got her a few pieces out of the half-full container.

I enjoyed still more Fiber One while working on chemistry conversions. So fun. Or, way too repetitive (kind of like my constant Fiber One-eating).

Same old, same old.

I continued studying for pre-calc and chemistry, but I needed more fuel. Enter…

Protein + Fiber + Fat = Satisfied Ellen (for, you know, 30 minutes :D)

… strawberry Greek yogurt with ground flax mixed in and an Oats & Chocolate Fiber One Chewy Bar! This kept me going through all the studying. Then, I wanted a treat.

This brownie X 3. They're that good.

I can’t eat just one. It’s impossible. I can eat one potato chip. Not the case for these – at all.

I went to bed exhausted, but finally feeling totally prepared for my quiz and test. Success!

Changes in Plans

Pippa and I were going to go for a walk. And then the downpour began, leaving me with a whining dog who desperately wanted to go outside. She’s spoiled. 😉

After petting her for a little while, I decided I could use a little pre-workout fuel in the form of…

The snack that smiles back 😀

whole-grain Goldfish! I notice no taste difference between these and regular Goldfish. Not that the nutritional stats are too different, anyhow.

The rain had let up by that point, so my mom took Pippa for a walk while I worked out. Afterwards, we started a black bean soup mix (a pack of ingredients and a lot of water) and I prepared panini. I was informed by Daddy that the soup was…. not his favorite. That’s scary. Turned out, he was right. All we could taste were spices and water, not the beans or bell peppers. So, I figured I needed a new plan for my dinner sides. Since my sandwich was already done and cooling quickly, I chose to eat dinner in two parts.

Part 1: Sandwich

A glimpse of the inside

It's bleeding!

This was quite similar to last week’s panini:

  • 2 slices of Giant Eagle Multigrain Tuscany bread
  • Dietz & Watson turkey
  • 1 slice of mozzarella cheese
  • About a tablespoon of Stonewall Kitchen Maple Chipotle Barbecue sauce (this does tend to bleed through the bread, but it’s so good!)
  • Extra virgin olive oil brushed on

This hit the spot, but I needed more. Hmmm, what to have?

Colors! Produce! Deliciousness!

  • About 3 oz. baby carrots
  • 2 large stalks celery
  • 2 clementines (They’re back! I adore them.)
  • About a tablespoon of Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus

This was a nice, filling addition to my hot sandwich.

Christmas tree decorating is not happening tonight because my mom has finals this week and is working on a bunch of school assignments. Fun. Maybe Tuesday?  I have finals next week, so I should probably study some, too. More fun.

My mom and grandma went shopping for more Christmas presents today. Mom came back with a treat from Sugardaddy’s. Apparently, they make incredible, creative brownies and blondies. I didn’t imagine how good they would be when I decided to incorporate them into my evening snack. I could have eaten them for dinner. Maybe tomorrow…? 😉

The whole shebang

Since the brownies are super-rich, and I had an overripe pear calling my name, I had a pretty well-rounded snack. I sliced up the pear and grabbed a container of honey Greek yogurt. The yogurt’s tanginess was the perfect compliment for the ridiculously-sweet pear. But let’s get back to the stars of the snack.


These brownies are what Sugardaddy’s calls “pocket change”. They’re smaller, crumbly, fudgy chunks of brownie. This flavor is called American Beauty and is a semisweet chocolate brownie swirled with peanut butter and topped with peanuts. It is perfectly sweet and salty and rich. I don’t even know what else to say. Pictures can’t do them justice. Neither can words. Go order something from Sugardaddy’s. Now. They’ll ship your order to you. Just do it. You won’t be sorry.

Alright, now I should get some sleep. There is, of course, school tomorrow. Good night!

First Night

Yesterday evening was full or fun and relaxation. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ended, you know, the same way it has for the past 10 or so years and we got to know our dog a little bit better. Because I couldn’t get enough chocolate yesterday, in addition to the snack I shared last night, I had a Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate mini bar.

There's no such thing as too much chocolate! 😀

Our first night with Pippa was a rough one, but pretty normal by first-night standards. She’s fine in her cage, but not so much after everyone else has gone upstairs to bed. I slept through the whining and woke up to find my mom on the couch with Pippa on the floor next to her.

While we’re all awake, she’s a pretty calm dog, so we figure it’ll just take a little time to get her used to not always having someone next to her.

Breakfast = standard, but…

Something's different......

… It’s a smiley face! (Because it makes me smile 😉 )

My morning snack was – I bet you have no idea – Fiber One cereal. Does anyone have any better small snacks with 14 grams of fiber per serving? Anyone? Bueller?

And again...

Off to continue our Harry Potter weekend marathon. And tonight, we’re going to decorate the Christmas tree. Fun stuff!

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