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Lazy Day

Let’s just start off by saying that I did not sleep well last night. Which basically means I felt entirely too lazy today. But what’s life without a lazy day now and again (or as often as you can get it)?

My lovely day started off with my usual lovely breakfast…

Wake up!

… of Greek yogurt, Diet Coke, and a banana. Does anyone want to help me break my (terrible) habit of 2+ Diet Cokes daily? … Bueller?

After that, I headed off to yoga. I was a wimp and didn’t drive there… or back. I was tired and crabby and it had been a week since I last drove. Oops.

There were a lot of people at yoga today. New Year’s resolutions in full force, I expect. And I have to say, my legs were sore afterwards. Really sore. I should probably work out more often…. something I notice every time I work out… 😉

When we got home, I walked up the stairs and collapsed into bed. I was seriously exhausted. When I woke up, my parents and Pippa were taking a walk, and it was time for my lunch!

I was (not surprisingly) craving veggies. Desperately.


Big bowl, big flavor, big nutrition!

… the giant weekend salad! In the dish:

  • 2.75 c. baby spinach
  • 1 oz. baby carrots
  • 1 oz. cherry tomatoes
  • 25 g. Baby Bella mushrooms
  • 100 g. chopped cucumbers
  • 2 slices of the Braeburn apple I had on the side
  • 1 T. Kraft Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette

And my full lunch looked something like this:

Happy lunch

I ate a 100% whole wheat Bagel Thin and the rest of that apple on the side! Tasty stuff.

Dad and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and to give me a chance to drive this afternoon. In-town driving is just so much fun. No, it’s actually not that bad at all. Just a lot of construction around here. Like Daddy said, “When you’ve graduated college, gotten married, and had a few kids, all of the construction should be finished.”

Basically, it’ll be a while. 🙂

When we got home, I was quite hungry. Probably the lack of protein in my lunch. So, I satisfied my hunger with Fiber One cereal and a new flavor of Greek yogurt!

Times 2!

New flavor? Whaaaa?

While we were at Kroger, we decided to pick up a few extra cups of Greek yogurt to hold me over for a few more days. I had my usual vanilla and honey flavors in hand when I noticed this stuff. Cranberry-fig Greek yogurt? Hm, I’ll try that. Oh, look! There’s also black cherry and strawberry-mint… Why not one of each?

And after I finished talking to myself, I picked those up in addition to my standbys.

I didn’t really think the cranberry-fig was too different than strawberry. Maybe I’m a freak. It was a little tangier, and maybe a little more exotic (not that that can be defined/measured), but not too different.

I got sidetracked by hockey and football during my snack. I had intended to start my newspaper layout for February. That didn’t happen. Instead, dinner happened!

In the form of tacos!

Twice as nice 🙂

I had two Chi-Chi’s taco-size flour tortillas, topped with taco-seasoned ground beef, a few tablespoons of Mexican cheese, a few tablespoons of chopped white onion, some sliced cherry tomatoes, some shredded spinach, and two large spoonfuls of medium Wholly Salsa. Delicioso.

After dinner, I got serious and started my layout. Hmmm I could be in trouble this month. There’s a little too much white space… like, a quarter of a page too much. Ah, this happens every month. It’ll be fine. Right???


After finishing the one real school thing I have to do this weekend, it was time to catch up on Parenthood. I love this show. It is hilarious and adorable. And my parents like it, so we watch together.

During the shows, I had a mini-feast. Or a big snack. Either way. 😉

So much goodness

On the menu:

  • a Jell-O Chocolate-Vanilla Swirls pudding cup
  • 2 t. unsweetened cocoa powder (to make the pudding taste less sweet)
  • 2 clementines
  • 1 large Braeburn apple
  • 2 T. peanut butter
  • 1 Clif Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo bar

And it was all delicious. The perfect combinations of creamy, crunchy, sweet, salty, and slightly-tart. Great snack!

Now, it’s time for some serious sleep. Good night!


Food & Family

Chipotle is awesome. If there was a god of it, I might worship said god. Maybe.

My bowl:


I’m not a huge fan of rice in general, so I get my Burrito Bowls as salads, which are basically the same thing without rice. I had lettuce, black beans, chicken, fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, and cheese (Chipotle has great cheese). This was perfectly meaty, salty, and cheese. Perfection – and it totally satisfied a craving. For a few days, perhaps. 😀

I love my family. We had such entertaining conversations at dinner, covering everything from guns to medical marijuana to the perfect tortilla. Yep, we’re strange ones.

When we arrived back home, I started on some Spanish homework that I’d been neglecting. It’s done now.  Procrastination = over!

While watching some Blue Jackets hockey (they gave up 2 goals in about 2 minutes at the end to lose it – classic Jackets), I fixed myself a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch covered with 1% milk. It had been a long time since I had it, and it was tasty.

Crazy squares 🙂

I was still hungry after this (what a shock), so I had a more typical snack.

Crunchy + creamy

I mixed a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder into vanilla pudding to cut the sweetness and add the chocolate. I’m loving this stuff. It tastes so creamy, rich, and chocolaty – like a super-thick mousse. LOVE. Braeburn apples are my absolute favorite and this one certainly didn’t disappoint.

I followed this snack with a piece of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate.


And now I am off to bed. I’m exhausted and I have a presentation and a speaking test in Spanish tomorrow. Then, it’s time for the weekend. Which will be full of studying for exams. But then there’s winter break. And I can always look forward to that. Good night!

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