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So…… Here’s the Deal

I am very excited about this blog. Really, I am. This past week, however, has been crazy. I took pictures of most of my meals, but I didn’t manage to post, oh, any of them. I plan to do better, of course, so let’s just start with today.

For breakfast, I had vanilla Greek yogurt, a large banana, and a Diet Coke (which probably wasn’t necessary, considering how well I slept last night).

"Round up all the usual suspects."

My mid-morning snack was also typical of me.

Fiber One!

I might stop posting pictures of that stuff. Not super photogenic. Just assume any pictures of Fiber One are recycled :).

I did all of my schoolwork last night, so I had an extremely lazy morning/early afternoon today. Just sitting around watching ABC Family’s Harry Potter marathon. Hey, how could I know that our HP marathon last weekend would be followed up by one on TV? I couldn’t. So, I guess I’ll watch them both. Oh, the hardship. 😉

I really wasn’t hungry again until about 2 o’clock. How strange for me.

Evil apple-bagel smiley

I smeared about 2 T. of peanut butter over a whole-wheat Bagel Thin, then sliced up a giant Braeburn apple to enjoy on the side. It wasn’t going to be a smiley face, but it was begging to once I put all those apple slices at the bottom and couldn’t fit the other two with them. I like cheesy pictures. And pictures with cheese, come to think of it :D.

I’m thinking I’ll take miss Pippa for a walk, since she’s been just lounging around since coming back from a run with my dad this morning.

Afterwards, I’ll probably eat a quick snack, work out, and maybe start cutting out my articles from the school newspaper. Our midterm is to scrapbook the articles we’ve written and reflect on them. It’s always fun, but I tend to put a little too much time and effort into making them look pretty. You wouldn’t know it from my food pictures, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist…

We all ended up pretty busy last weekend and didn’t decorate the Christmas tree. It’s up now, but our living room is a little crowded with boxes of ornaments. Tonight, we will be watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and adorning the tree with too many ornaments. 🙂 We can’t just get rid of them – they’re all special!

Or not.


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