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A Bit of a Surprise

Yoga felt amazing today. My legs are going to be killing me all day, but it was so worth it.

Lunch today was one of the leftover (and not so pretty) variety…

Noodles! Carbs! Yummy!

…Japanese pan noodles and shrimp. From this angle, the bowl looks just about empty, but it was actually just about full. It’s about the size of a small order at Noodles and Company, since that’s about half of a regular size. The noodles are always perfectly doughy and the sauce is perfectly spicy. It’s easily my favorite dish from Noodles, but they’re all pretty incredible. This was a nice lunch to help refuel from the 75-minute yoga session.

However, since I can’t seem to go more than an hour or so without eating something, I quickly added on some Fiber One cereal.

You're going to get tired of these pics. 😉

Today is the “big” Ohio State-Michigan football game, and since we are in Columbus, we are watching it in the best way – on TV.

And now for the surprise – drum roll, please – we just got a dog. Pictures to come, of course, but she’s a little black and grey Lhasa Apso-Schnauzer mix. And she’s adorable. Today should be another fun one!


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