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Day of Shopping Before Day of Feasting

This morning, my parents and I had to get up and go thanks to an early doctor’s appointment. Ew. Afterwards, though, we had plans to shop. And I’m almost always up for that.

A typical breakfast - and a very yellow banana.

Right before we left, I snacked on Fiber One cereal (that I eat way too much of) and a mini Hershey bar. Sometimes, the need for chocolate is greater than the concern for the quality of the chocolate. And this morning was one of those times.

Tasty twigs

After the appointment, we stopped back at home to pick up some returns and decided to eat some lunch while we were there. I had a packet of Quaker Banana Bread oatmeal and strawberry Greek yogurt. I threw about a tablespoon of ground flax into the oatmeal for some extra texture, fiber, and fat. This was followed by a Mint Truffle Hershey Kiss.

Before assembly

After accomplishing all our returns and quite a few Christmas gifts, the three of us headed home to make some dinner. We washed up a bunch of broccoli and tossed it in the steamer and put pork chops in a dish and smothered them in Tastefully Simple Tangy Tennessee  Slow Cooker Sauce and let them cook for a while in the oven.

Then, my mom got seriously excited. A 3-year old Yorkie had just come into the county dog shelter. We’ve been searching for a dog for a few weeks now, and it seemed like a perfect opportunity. But the shelter was closing soon, so as soon as dinner was ready, we inhaled it (hence the lack of a picture) and dashed out the door. When we did get to see Marble (why would you name a dog that?!?!), we learned that there is a strong likelihood that she would have to have both knees replaced. And that this would cost about $3000. And we aren’t really in the market for that.

So, after we got back home it was time for my evening snack. And it was a tasty one. 🙂 Composed of:

  • More Fiber One cereal
  • One sliced Braeburn apple
  • 2 Eggo FiberPlus Chocolate Chip Waffles
  • Another Mint Truffle Hershey Kiss (Try them!)

Crunchy, juicy, hot 'n' chocolaty

And now I should probably head off to bed. Gotta leave relatively early to get to Grandma and Grandpa’s for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast!


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